The Anticipation of Releasing Your First Book

The Nerves

Oh yes it happens, you’ve worked hard bashing out those words in your head onto the screen in front of you. It’s exhilarating, exciting and of course exhausting. Then boom! The realisation that someone is actually going to read your work.

It creeps in there like a ninja in the night and takes you by surprise. The questions start, what if it’s not good enough? Will anyone actually read it?

Its a natural feeling for anyone that’s started out in a writing career and for those who are well established within the industry, even the top authors will admit to self doubt and nerves.

What Next?

To be honest with you here, if you’ve got this far and have the book ready what is the fear really? You’ve achieved what others have only dared to, you are the winner whether you sell one book or a thousand.



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