The Anticipation of Releasing Your First Book

The Nerves

Oh yes it happens, you’ve worked hard bashing out those words in your head onto the screen in front of you. It’s exhilarating, exciting and of course exhausting. Then boom! The realisation that someone is actually going to read your work.

It creeps in there like a ninja in the night and takes you by surprise. The questions start, what if it’s not good enough? Will anyone actually read it?

Its a natural feeling for anyone that’s started out in a writing career and for those who are well established within the industry, even the top authors will admit to self doubt and nerves.

What Next?

To be honest with you here, if you’ve got this far and have the book ready what is the fear really? You’ve achieved what others have only dared to, you are the winner whether you sell one book or a thousand.



Where Did It All Begin

The Long Journey

New York 2006 where the journey began

What makes a person want to become an author? Well I can’t answer that question for anyone else but myself.

I started writing short stories as a young boy and penned my first short story that was read to the whole class. They loved it, well they would it was a story about a werewolf hidden in an old house attic that proceeded to kill off all my school friends, in may I add the most horrific way ( how I managed to get this read out is still a mystery to me considering it’s content ) still the thrill of sharing my work promted me to carry on writing.

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties and a spell in New York that I decided to actually write my first book. So that was decided and I sat down and started to put pen to paper and fingers to the keyboard. IMMORTALIS was born 😳 ( it was actually titled Dark Horizon at the time ).

My first book

And that was as far I got, I let life and all it’s little problems that ensued stop me from what I loved doing. It was my own doing of course because I allowed myself to get bogged down and let go of the dream of publishing my own book.

A few years ago after the birth of my second child I decided to start my own Dad blog and I have to say it did really well, but there it was again the nagging feeling that I should get my butt sat down and write and this time complete the book that was started years ago.

it was while I was writing blog posts and interviewing dads that had become authors that I stumbled upon The Creative Penn website created by bestselling author Joanna Penn. Her advice and philosophy really struck a chord with me and started me back on this writing path.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my journey, tips and what it takes to become a published author.