The Immortalis Series

The Immortalis Series

 One man’s pursuit of the unknown will unleash an ancient evil.

An Immortal will rise up from the darkness.

On the last planet to be colonized by humans, astrophysicist Ash Palmer will set in motion events that will change the history and future for the human race.

Still trying to come to terms with a horrific tragedy he sets out to finish his father’s life’s work

There are others who are interested in Palmers work that will stop at nothing, no matter what the cost to prevent an ancient prophecy becoming a reality.

In his search, Palmer encounters a stranger who will turn his world upside down with revelations about his own origins and that of one other whose fates are linked.

What he discovers will lead him into darkness and the battle for his very soul will begin…




An immortal being is gaining strength

Two souls ripped from their world, lost.

In the aftermath of the events on Avalon, Sofia takes refuge and tries to piece together what occurred and an uneasy alliance is formed with the man who tried to kill her and the one who came to rescue her.

One survivor finds refuge in an unlikely place and may well hold the key to raising a force strong enough to take on the threat of the brotherhood and even the Immortal itself.

Who will be the first to piece it all together and can they face up to the growing strength the Immortal poses to all living things across this universe?

Released 6th April 2018




A story of ancient war, arcane secrets, tragic romance, and a Dark, Evil Force whose Rage is the Flame in which the Race of Man will Burn! .

In the Aftermath of the battle on the Bedouin world, Michael and Raif discover truths that will lead them both back to Raif’s homeworld Avalon.

With new alliances are made. Humans, Immortals and Dark breed are preparing to fight once more

The race is on to protect the orb of the first against those who would have it for their own purposes and wreak havoc amongst the colonies.

Raif faces his biggest challenge yet in facing the dangerous leader of the brotherhood who has plans of his own, whilst holding Sofia prisoner and one other,

The third instalment of the fast paced, plot driven Immortalis series filled with corruption, betrayal and the perfect mix of Sci-fi & Horror that will grip you to its climactic end. .

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